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Work with Katarina Henryson

Don't Leave Me At The Boathouse (2017)

St. Nikolai Ruins
Presented by Gotland Chamber Music Festival

A performance-installation with 8 of the festival's musicians: Mats Bergström, Avri Levitan, Maria Winiarski, David Huang, Svante Henryson, Magnus Holmander, Evgenia Epshtein & Staffan Scheja.
The performance examines ideas of belonging and loneliness in through an inspiring process. 

The Cleaner (2017)
Performance in collaboration with Marina Abramović

Hosted at Eric Ericsonhallen
Presented by Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Choral singing is an integral part of this collective performance with actions rooted from the Abramović Method. The singing forms a non-stop soundscape, which lasts throughout the opening hours, seven days in a row.